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Full Version: New Exclusive Item: Nintendo DS Black Including Free stylus!!!
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Get this exclusive item today!
You get a FREE stylus with it!!
[Image: 1zqpt6w.png]
Cost: 3950 (.)(.) only!!
Exclusive item? Yes!!
Description: This time you get a FREE stylus with your nintendo ds (black) I hope you'll have fun playing games on it like guitar hero & etc =). - Exclusive Item
Get it now by clicking here!!
lol ooh sorry the new DSi is coming just wait lol
lmao i already forgot about the DSi lol.
But it's not going to release soon in Belgium =(.
sucks lol
Item price changed to 3K (.)(.) LESS!!
lol, Shadows you're from Belgium? Where do you live?
lol don't like to tell that xP
you also in Belgium? =D.
Yep Smile

I live in the Kempen lol :p
@Alensis, cool!
I live at the right of brussels Smile. ( really close to brussels Smile )
Cool Smile
This is actually the first time I meet someone from Belgium on a forum :p
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