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Full Version: PSP's ON SALE!!!
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Were doing a ALL TIME LOW sale for the PSP 3000 unit. Get 'em while their hot..

[Image: psp3.png]

running at 700 (.) (.) YOU CANT GO wRONG!!!
lmao, I might buy one
You stole the icon from my site!! lol jk. or did you? lol
or did CO_ol steal it from another site that dBomb stole it from too? =O
I found it on google, removed the white bg and resized it, but since dbomb haven't been online on my site on like a week, this isn't my icon. lol
who knows, who knows Wink xD..
He can go as guest and get it xD!! lol..
Just kidding, dbomb Wink.
lol or DID I ??? you'll never know lol
or will we?
lol, I don't think he did.