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Full Version: Coding question
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I have an admin panel setting called stealmoney_sendpm
and my if in the run($item) won't work..
PHP Code:
                if($mybb->setting['stealmoney_sendpm'] = 1)
$pm['subject'] = $lang->steal_pmtitle;
$pm['message'] = $lang->steal_pmmsg;
$pm['toid'] = $user['uid'];
neither with true instead of 1..
edit: it always sends the pm lmao..
must be $mybb->settings
It's plural Tongue
omfg xD
i always make these stupid mistakes lol..
don't use a single = sign, use 2 of them
i always wondered what the difference was =/
kewl works now =D.
I dunno about PHP, or whatever that language is, but it's usually like this:

= assignment operator
== is equal to.
yeah thanks, PN just told me in shoutbox some time ago, but thanks lol =P
- Shadows.