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Full Version: Upload/Delete icons
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If anyone wants me to delete or upload a new icon for their company feel free to ask.
I've fixed a bug or two and I'm sure there are nearly no bugs in mycompany (there might still be a few Tongue)
Well you know I do Smile for Xenitar, it's the same icon as the company
Upoad the icon to an image uploader and post it here please
uploaded yours
If you click restock it says: successffully
I think it's spelled with only one f? Big Grin

And right to the [Restock] there is a option with no link: []
Are you sure it has no link? I checked it myself yesterday and it showed "Hide" or "Unhide" correctly.
It's like this:

[Restock] | [Change cost] | []
it shows Hide at the last one for me =)
I tried to refresh, but it didn't work.
Clear cache.
Well I can't even see my items lmao. I'll see what' goin on
Still []...
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