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Full Version: Steal Money Module for MyPlaza
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Ok guys.
I have made it, but i still need some suggestions & etc..
So.. if you want to be a beta-tester join my forums go to the UserCP
go to group memberships click join beta-testers group. and PM Shadows ( it doesn't notice me when new applications are made Wink )
[info]I will add a list of names & websites in the readme of all the people that beta-tested it. But you'll have to find at least 1 suggestion/bug Smile.[/info]

Thank you,
- Shadows.

Features are:
- Choose amount to steal from who.
-->The more, the less chance.
( - Sometimes it fails wins )
- Choose to send/not send a pm on successful attempt / unsuccessful attempt ( to the user who has been theft )
Future release:
- Only money from the bank will be stolen ( why? you get %age on that Smile )
- and a few more that i have not listed here..
This one could be fun. Do you already have a rough suggestion when the final version will be released?
That's pretty original. Smile
:wohoo: Can people buy insurance?
@Seeker Love your idea Big Grin i'm sure i'll be able to add this! I'll add it in a newer version =D.
@Wintermute sorry no date has been set, i'm trying to make it like to have all functions and suggestions in it, so you have it once, and don't have to upgrade.. ( which will make you lose your histories & total times usen, ... ) Smile. BUT. Join the beta-works now and use it! You may use it live, every beta i upload tend to be safe enough.. But i don't recommend on a live site, i'm responsible for nothing! but you can try it out, IF YOU FIND BUGS, IT WILL BE RELEASED SOONER THAN I HAVE TO DO ALL THE TESTING!!!!

[info]I've coded the invincible item Smile it works.. everything does except the option in the ACP to send/not send PM's on steal/attempt[/info]
[info]For the invincible item: YOU DO NOT EVEN NEED ANOTHER USERGROUP![/info]
Thank you,
- Shadows.

a moment you all have waited for: a preview lmao xD!! yeah not final =(..
Still 1 Bug, once that is solved i'll release it Smile.
[spoiler=here it is...][spoiler=sorry, are you sure you want to?][spoiler=sure, sure?][spoiler=ok here we go then haha Wink][spoiler=sorry, not yet.. i have to make the suspense longer Smile][spoiler=pfft you're bored there aren't you?][spoiler=well this is the final one =)][spoiler=sorry, i meant THIS is the final one Wink][Image: 50sdg0.png][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
I like the invencibility item lol
kewl ^^
it works but the PM option still doesn't work =( =( =( it always sends a PM... =/
and i did $mybb->settingS..
- Shadows.
[info]Everything works.. NO bugs anymore.. I'm still testing though.. But i think no bugs, so i'll release it tomorrow[/info]
[info]You got your release date now, hope you're happy lol Wink[/info]
(01-16-2009, 12:49 AM)Shadows Wrote: [ -> ]@Seeker Love your idea Big Grin i'm sure i'll be able to add this! I'll add it in a newer version =D....

Invincibility looks just like insurance (or very similar)

Idea: Can the price people pay for trying to steal be an (adjustable) % instead? This way someone can risk $xx and have a chance to gain much more (instead of risking exactly the same as they will make)

I'll probably join as a tester soon, thanks.
no.. if you'd do that:
you put 100% you have got 5 (.)(.)
the other user has 1000000(.)(.) you could win everything
this wouldn't be fair...

- Shadows.
Will you release it here or only at your site?
I'd love to release it at my site to have a few users more but.. i'll be generous and release it here haha Wink.
Thank you,
- Shadows.