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Full Version: Garage sale!
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I'm selling items i bought to other users. Smile.
1. Chair Mag.
Chair magazine.
There is no stock left!
Sale price: 390 boobies!

Thank you,
- Shadows.
Lol, you do realize I can restock this, yes? :p
Do it lol, he wants money to donate to his company!
lol cheap scape
Yes I do realize, Alensis, but noone said i may not do this =D.
- Shadows.
I'll take it, lol.
@TB donate me 380 boobies and i'll send it to you =).
promo, 10 off Wink
Restocked Wink
Tbread must feel stupid now :p
lol well too late, TacticalBread got it xP
- Shadows.