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Full Version: [Toys4You] New item! Ninja Bear!
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[warn]Current pay for employees: 250.00 (.)(.) /day !![/warn]
[Image: 23i9csh.png]
Cost: only 4950 (.)(.) !!
From the same collection of FireBear comes Ninja Bear! The strongest bear doll! Get it now!
Click here to buy it while there is still some stock!!

Thank you,
- Shadows.
Lmao you said you were paying 1000 Tongue
emm no i didn't i said you pay 1000 /5days and i pay 1250 a day =D.
oh that was it lol
oops meant /5 days above lol 1250/5days lmao..
I was thinking that 1250 a day was too much for what you've sold so far lmao
not exactly, i could've paid it Wink
it's on like what 3-4 days my comp?
i have around 26K =) ( i've put salary and put it to bank and will inject as soon as i need more Wink )
Got the ninja bear, I sure hope he can do some fighting :p
Sure, but be sure you configure that you're the friend and not the ennemy, else it can be dangerous O_o..
I'll definatly look into that instruction manual that came with it now 0_o
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