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Full Version: [Module] Staff applications email 0.1
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This module was requested by combus and a few other users.
Here is a summary of what it does:
(on activation) Creates an item called Staff applications.
It has 2 usegroups in a drop down list: Administrators and Moderators (if you wish to add more or edit the names, tell me and Ill tell you how to do it).
If user buys that item (must set a reason) an email will be sent to the email set by the Administrator in this module's options.

This module makes use of the new function to display and calculate modules's settings so you will need to upload the new myplaza_general.php attached to this post.

The module is also attached to this post.
THANKS! Big Grin I so wanted this Smile I'm installing...

EDIT: I tested it, and it seems to be working fine Smile But I have one question.. does it use the settings MyBB has for mail to send the mails? or just php mail?
It uses MyBB's my_mail function which uses PHP mail as far as I know.
If you want to add more usergroups do the following:
1. in staffapp_activate function, find:
<select name="application">
<option value="administrators">Administrators</option>
<option value="moderators">Moderators</option>
Lines 64-67 I think

To add a usergroup called Lollipops:
<option value="lollipops">Lollipops</option>
Put that below the moderators line or replace the moderators line with that one, I don't know, do what you want.

Then at line 123:
$available_applications = array('administrators', 'moderators');
Replace moderators with lollipops or just add a new element:
$available_applications = array('administrators', 'moderators', 'lollipops');

The usegroup chosen by the user must exist in the array above otherwise it will not be valid.
I hope you get it Smile
yup, you explained it simply Smile

Right now I'm modifing it to something very different... I'm trying to add another field, however, I had to remove the available application check... could this cause troubles?
is it going to be added here?
If the question is for me: I don't think anyone would ever need what I'm doing so.. I gues unless someone request it Tongue
If it was for me: there's no point on doing it lol.

@combus, I don't recommend you to remove the aplication checker, unless you remove the applications part
mail >.> i'll develop one for myself that is a PM =).
If anyone will want that one, tell me about it..
i won't release it public, only to the one who want it,
will not make it now 'cause i'm busy with other modules atm =).
Hmm for pm, you just need to modify a few things in this module, you can even add a new setting (in my opion it would be better) to allow the admin to choose if it sends via PM or via email. Ill probably add this in the next version.
oh ok, then i won't worry make it lol..
Thanks Big Grin, it'd be great Smile.
- Shadows.
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