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Full Version: Toys 4 You Cabriolet Sales!
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Original price: 12950 Boobies!!!
Current price: 4950 Boobies!!!!
Go get it now, this promotion is only available for 3 days!!
[Image: 435258109.png]

Thank you,
- Shadows.
Restocked & new price: 2950 (.)(.) !!!
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Ok I like that price, going to buy it
You like that huh Big Grin? Thanks for your purchase!
You'll even like this new item's price i think Big Grin.
Soccer ball!
Cost: only 950.00 (.)(.)!!
[Image: 1zybpxx.png]
For a fee of 20 boobies i will not restock this anymore once you've bought it.

Thank you,
- Shadows.