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Full Version: [Equip your planetâ„¢] Population!!
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WorldCreationz Inc. is featuring it's new line of products Equip your planetâ„¢

You need some life in your planet isn't it? Why not fullfill your needs with this quality persons Smile Each different package contains 100 people.

Normal Population (Assorted)
You need some people to make your planet more active! This 100 people pack comes with assorted normal persons. Including mortal and basic human beigns of many different kinds.

Criminal Population
Add some spicy to your planet, why not some criminals? or maybe you're willing to make your evil planet? This 100 people pack comes with different types of criminals.

More population types is on the way! Wait for them Tongue
i kinda want somthing visual..
lma, start populating xD
@DBomb: hmmm I think it's kind of hard Tongue you can't see population from the space... so making a populated planet wouldn't make much sense lol And 100 people can't fit on a 32x32 px image so... that leaved me without much stuff. Maybe a make-your-world module should be made lol JK.
Updated first post with Criminal Population Tongue

PS: sorry for the double post
Make your world mod seems cool!
Actually yes Big Grin It would be kind of a little twist of the MyRPG module Tongue idk really lol