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Full Version: [support] Money in welcomeblock
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I try to integrate the amount of money you have in the header_welcomeblock_member template so that it shows off here:

[Image: ecb80c0c245cec19cd4dd35577a44.jpg]

What do i have to insert? I tried {$mymoney} and {$post['money']} but none of it worked.
I really want to know this too, and I think PN was online when you posted this, so I'm bumping it now. Tongue
Create the following template:
wtih the name of myplaza_money_template

then create a plugin which sets $money as global and then evaluate {$money_template} (put this var in welcome block member) as myplaza_money_template.

I can make a quick module for that if you want.
(01-13-2009, 04:07 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]I can make a quick module for that if you want.

This would be great!!
Ok ill do it in a few seconds
Woho! Smile Can't wait!
Check this forum with the mybb default theme, is that what you want?
Looks good, (sorry for this im not the requester) but can you make it on the left, like the PM message?

[link]Private Messages[/link] (Unread 0, Total 129)

[link to myplaza]MyPlaza[/link to myplaza] (Money on hand: 109.09, Bank: 152.68)
No, not even all themes will be affected, depends on the template so you will need to edit some of them manually like the afresh themes. when editing them, put them on the left lol. And no for the bank because the forum might have the bank deactivated and if I do it, I will need to add a query which will slow down a few milliseconds and by checking if bank is running will slow it a few more milliseconds.
this one is simple and does the basic
ok.. --
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