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Full Version: Bussiness District!
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Buisiness District
[Image: city1.png]
So, you got a planet... it's time to add more features to it, no more plain landspcapes! Let's start your planet in business with this Wink
lmao cool
Damn!!! Everyone loves to steal my ideas!!!!!
Edit: See [Image: commercial-building-48x48.png]
ohh didn't even noticed it Tongue I don't browse other companies lol and anyways, this is just one of the products I'm making for the 'Equip your planetâ„¢' line from WorldCreationz Inc.
lol you probly used brushes for photoshop to make those buildings Smile.
- Shadows.
nope, Actually I used a NY business district photo from wikipedia, and croped it, resized it and cleared in photoshop Tongue
i see Tongue
- Shadows.