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Full Version: Promotion: Pluvarbar II
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That's right: Consoleworld's most awesome planet is now available under promotion! :yay:

The planet is on sale for only 20.000,00 (.)(.)
(That's even cheaper than the first editon!)
Be sure to get yours quick, since the offer will only last 3 days!

Get it here:
warning: the promotion ends tomorrow!
omg thats alot... hm lower it and we have a deal..
Ok, I've lowered the price to only 20.000, because it's the last day Wink
Lower it to 10 000, 20 000 is a lot lol
yeah, even doughnutzoid is cheaper Tongue
Restocked and repriced to 14000 (Promotion ending today at 10 PM CET)
14 000 is still expensive lol but way better than 20 000
A planet is still a planet, thus expensive (more than 10.000 lol)
-End of promotion-