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Full Version: MyCompany - bugs? is it stable?
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MyCompany is at version 2.0.0 at the moment and as you can see is pretty flexible for both, employees and employeers (but specially for employers).

In this version, employers can create item, edit their company's description, inject money into the company, change the period of time between payments, change the date of the next payment and some bug fixes were done too.

Employees can restock their items in a simple click (the current public relesae has a bug (I dont know how this happened), 3 lang variables do not exist in mycompany.php when I am sure I created them and tested them on my test forum. but for some reason they were not there.. xD) and update the cost of any item (this will not count as creating an item, however restocking does).

Loads of things were recoded to make things faster.

I want to know if any of you have found any bugs in this version.
Thank you.
Oh I forgot to say, this is for members of console world because you are the only members that can use MyCompany 2.0.0 at the moment.
Employees and employers, please tell me that no bugs were found! Tongue
I have seen no bugs so far Smile.
MyCompany is really really good now Big Grin.
I can't wait for it to be out Big Grin.
- Shadows.
I've been creating items without problem Smile And yeah, can't wait until it's out! I always wanned to make items on my own company Tongue thanks
Seems bug free for me. Don't think I've ever had a bug in it yet.
Don't know if its the psp or not but when I select change price it takes me back to the select company page, otherwise it's awesome Big Grin
and did you click the submit button?