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Full Version: Toys 4 You - The best toys company! ( + merchandise )
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Official salary: 250(.)(.) / Day!!
(other companies often pay 200 only!)

Toys 4 You, a new company!
[Image: 28ls96h.png]
We sell all kinds of cute toys Smile.
If you want to be an employee PM me and we'll discuss your salary Smile.
Not paid enough at other companies? No problem, we're here!
We will try to pay our employees as fair as possible.

Why you should be an employee of our company.
Come with us and you'll get the best!!
We pay more than Worldcreationz or any other company!
We pay you a HUUUGE salary!
we will give you the items to add at the forums and all you'll have to do is upload them and restock them!
We will try to invest all the boobs for our company if required!

Donations are allowed! Donate boobs to me and i'll inject them in the company!!

Raises of salary.
If you prove your hard work by selling good items with a good price ( enough and not too much.. ) we'll give you a raise of your salary!
Sell 25 items and get a huge raise of your salary!

Become an employee today and help us conquer the Companies!

[Image: 28ls96h.png]
Times bought: 1
Stock: 0
Sales price: 3500 Boobs.
Normal price: 4950 Boobs.
Win 1450 Boobs today, hurry up!!
FireBear is Toys 4 You's mascotte and is really cute =).
The price is low, as this is the mascotte of Toys 4 you!
Buy this and you'll prove anyone that you love cute things! =)
This item will be restocked.
Click here to buy it!

[Image: 1zqrk1l.jpg]
Current price: 6000.00(.)(.)
Mess around with them a while, and you'll reach the skies!
Click here to buy it!

Green creature wearing Jeans!
[Image: 2mhvhnl.png]
Current price: 4950.00(.)(.)
Normal price: 6950.00(.)(.)
This green creature has pants. These are Jeans of high quality! I'd highly recommend to use those Jeans!
Click here to buy it!

[Image: x570cz.jpg]
Current price: 7,949.65(.)(.)
Buy this fine lookin' Cabriolet! :O :O
Click here to buy it!

Thank you,
Toys 4 You Creator,
- Shadows.
Cool, do you make the toys icons or get them from somewhere else?
Lol i got them from somewhere else..
It's allowed right?
- Shadows.
yeah it is lol
Nice! Tongue
Me likes the fire bear.

EDIT: Bought it! =)
Thank you for your purchase sir.
Have a great time with the fire bear.
Please be careful we do not take the responsibility of fire.
You're house might get burnt within 5 minutes.

Thank you,
Toys 4 you manager,
- Shadows.
lmao! Big Grin

I'll be careful! Wink
Become an employee today and get a bonus of 200 BOOBS !!
( you will only get it after you have sold 1 item )
( item that you have sold must cost 300+ boobs )
( i will donate you this, it's not part of your salary =) ).
- Shadows.
edit: typo xD
I'll join! lol
Accepted application.
Sell 1 item and i'll give you 200 boobs =).
- Shadows.
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