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Full Version: Cute green creature 2!
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Cute green creature 2!
Get it here now, while there still is stock!!

Thank you,
Supr Mart Employee.
- Shadows.
Damn I missed it Sad
Haha, I bought it. xP
@Alensis, i will restock it if you want =).
Will also restock the first one if CO_ol or anyone else wants? =).
@CO_ol thanks for buying Wink.
- Shadows.
@Shadows, np Wink
lol restock #1 tomorrow
Nah restock #2 instead lol :p
sorry i'm not part of this company anymore, can't restock it =(.
And i don't think DBomb will like me to add it to my new company xD.
So i'll get a variant of this one and add it to my company =D.(Toys 4 You)
Thank you,
- Shadows.
So cool has the only one and it won't be restocked??

Just make an identical one and ignore dbomb lol
I have a version with pants if that interests you? =D.
if not i'll ask dbomb if it's a problem if i make one in my company ^^ =)
- Shadows.
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