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Full Version: (...Doughnutzoid...) Didn't you ever wanned a doghnut-shaped planet?
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World Creationz is featuring it's new product:
[Image: doghnutzoid.jpg]

This is the exotic and revolutionary product for you! New techniques were created to give shape to this planet, going against gravity. It's adapted so live can be developed in the middle of the planet*[/center]

*: May produce unreversable damages if anything approaches to the borders of the planet due radiation that gives the shape, and also the almos-stable black hole that keeps the center of the planet empty.
Haha! I bought this lol.
Edit: Damn, I am almost broke.
I love your ideas lol.
Do you make the 3d's ?
I absolutely love this one :d
thanks Tongue but nope, I don't actually make 3ds, just play around with some apps lol

@M33 User: maybe you're broke, but you're only person in this UNIVERSE that owns a Cubular AND a Doughnut-shaped planet Big Grin
Lool, well, that's cool
He's right lol
@M33 User: Since you're the first living-beign with TWO unique shape planets.. I decided to make your joy about it longer, Doughnutzoid won't be restoked for some time Tongue

But in the other hand... you probably won't have the special edition Cubezoid Sad Oh did I said something about the next project?? don't tell anyone.. lol
lmao, you have a HUGE imagination don't you?
I'm too poor to even get the regular one.
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