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Full Version: [myplaza problem] Everything is free!!
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Hi, today one of my users reported that everything was free Undecided in MyPlaza. I checked it, but stuff is got prized correctly and all that... I'm running the latest version of MyPlaza Turbo. Also, I get a MySQL problem when using the bank. Any help?
I need to know which MySQL problem you're getting and if you have usergroup premium rate lower than 1 set to any group
I don't remember wich was, in my desesperation I just deactivated and activated it again. Then reconstructed every template. Now I tried the bank and is working, but I lost every item of the inventory module. But the users still have them according to phpMyAdmin tables. What can I do to fix this... I mean, if I add an item, they'll get the item with the new ID item I created, even if is not the one they used to.

And I haven't set any rate for users.
You can't lose items by deactivating the bank o.O
and I dont understand the last part
I actually deactivated the hole MyPlaza :S I fell in desesperation.

In the second part I was talking about, of when I re-create the items for the Inventory module. According to phpMyAdmin, the users still have the items.
What did you find from phpMyAdmin?
The users table still have ids of the items they buyed when items existed.
Hmmm, whats the column name? I can't check it atm moment
the column is 'inventory' Should I reset it back to 0 on everyone? since there's no items anymore.
Deactivate inventory and check if that column is still there.
If yes delete the column and activate inventory
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