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Full Version: SuprMART Merchandise
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Merchandise so far :

[Image: abox.png]
A Box
-purchased by: Pirata Nervo

[Image: planetx.png]
Planet X
- purchased by: Dark_Sabre

[Image: green_creature_32x32.png]
A Cute Green Creature! =).
Stock: 0
-purchased by alensis

[Image: xboxelite.png]
Xbox 360 Elite
Stock:1 (will be restocked)
New item added!
Cute green creature!
[Image: green_creature_32x32.png]
A Cute Green Creature! =).
Stock: 0
Bought by: Alensis

There will be more items like this!
- Shadows.
Nice Smile
I like green things :d
* Shadows goes searching for other green things for tomorrow's item Wink.
- Shadows.
More merch in stock !!!!!
Is everything working fine for employees and employers?
yeah for me it works fine ( employee )
pfft have to wait 1 day >.>
I guess MyCompany is quite stable now =).
yea its good. i just saw the [restock] can i do that anytime??
Nah it counts as adding a new item..
Won't work, tried xP
- Shadows.
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