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Full Version: [..Cubezoid..] Didn't you ever wanned a cubular planet?
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WorldCreationz is featuring it's new line of products:
[Image: cubezoid1.png]
Is the revolutionary planet for you! Our planet engineers worked countless hours to bring you this! It's adapted so life can be easly take place into it.*

*: May produce multiple deceases due radiation in corners of the planet that keeps it's shape. We are not responsible for any unreversible damage caused by our product.

It isn't there! Tongue
Yeah I know, my chair magazine didn't show up either :/
Hmmm another bug I guess, lmao. I'll check that once I get home guys
It's there now Tongue This is your chance to buy a cubular planet, you don't see this oportunity in life again lol
lol this is really funny.. maybe ill buy
It was an awesome idea. congrats I may increase your salary to 500
Thnks Tongue It got selled already Smile by M33 User. The contruction of this kind of complex and fancy planets isn't easy... congrats for getting it. And remember, be carefull with the corners xD

My engineers are working on other project now Tongue lol
A new version on the Cubezoid is now available, be the first to own this kind of planet!!
I'd like to own it but it's not that lol
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