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Full Version: M33 Enterprises Inc.
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[Image: untitled-1%20copy.png]
M33 Enterprises Inc.
Current Items
[Image: ipod.png]
Ipod Classic: It's a great buy if you like to have 60gb and Videos LAST THREE RESTOCKS!!
[Image: xbox%20360%20controller.png]
XBOX 360 Controller: You will need one if you want to play 2 Player Games
[Image: ps3_up1_32x32.png]
Limited Edition Silver PS3: A Limited Edition Silver PS3 ftw
[Image: classic%2066-32.png]
Low Rider: A Classic Low Rider ftw ON SALE From $25,000 to $20,000
[Image: cabriolet-32.png]
Cabriolet: Sports Car ftw $9,000 ONLY ONE LEFT!!!
[Image: commercial-building-48x48.png]
Business Building: A Business building for your company $$CHEAP$$!! $29,999
Join Now!!!
Current pay for Employees is 700.00 a week, but is subject to change unless there is more than one member Big Grin
lmao so many companies, no employees.
wtf all i see is new companies haha
How many jobs can one have?
EDIT: 1. Was hired by Dark_Sabre.
You can only have one job
Current Items:
[Image: ipod.png] [Image: xbox%20360%20controller.png]
lol niiiice
Added a new item to the company "Low Rider"
Who bought it lol?
Alensis did Wink
Silver PS3 Added!!!
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