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Full Version: SuprMART
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Owner: dBOMB

Employees: NONE

Leave your crappy company and come work for me.. Your pay will be negotiable.. Confusedhinchan: At SuprMART you can find anything games, planets, shinchan, anything!!!
sill looking for employees
:o you double posted :o

I'm sticking with Pirata so.. :p
it was a bump post...
Lol better sell your company and join mine Confusedhinshan:
You'll get rich, I have loads of money in my company
Dark_Sabre's company is going to have money. Someone just needs to buy that SEXY planet Triple Island.
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
im not good at making planets.. even though im sure how there done.
I applied Smile
- Shadows
ur hired!!!
Lol Salary: 0 :/ lmao.
- Shadows.
edit: just got you 4950 Boobies! so i hope you'll raise my salary xP else i dismiss and create my own company too xD ^^
edit pay: 120 boobs / day? i'll get you more than that, so! =).