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Become an employee at Generik Inc. Here its about quantity more than quality. So, the more items you sell the higher you get paid. There starting salary is 80 (.)(.). Once you sell more than 5 it will increase, depending on how quickly they are sold.
hmm I smell competition Big Grin
its going to be fierce cuz i plan on making a Company too... similar to jo3's
Eh, why not? I'll get in on this. I have some nice artistic ability to donate, and I don't mind coming up with some ideas.
You got accepted. Thank You for applying.
I might make one also, or just stay in pirata's.
Don't forget owners can't make items so making a company without employees means no money. I will add a edit page for employers to allow them to edit the company's settings because I want to pay you guys sooner
yea. and add the ability to leave your own co.
You can do that, Just sell it