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Full Version: Send PM on buy item
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I get pm:
Thank you for purchasing premium support!\r\nAdd [email protected] to your contacts list.\r\nNote i will mostly only be available: Friday & the weekend.\r\nThank you!\r\n- The Support Staff!
That's the PM i get.. is it possible to remove the \r\n & etc?
Thank you!
- Shadows.
How did you make it send a PM?
Its a new feature I added to the inventory in 0.2.4
@Shadows, did you type the \n\r or did it you just pressed Enter to change line?
That's really cool feature Big Grin I didn't notice it xD

those are variable placeholders aren't they?
variable placeholders? wtf is that?
Original message added in ACP:
Quote:Thank you for purchasing premium support!
Add to your contacts list.
Note i will mostly only be available: Friday & the weekend.
Thank you!
- The Support Staff!
Do i have to replace every linebrake with a \n\r to not show \n\r after every line ? =/
- Shadows.
Hmm no, that's a bug I guess, try that but I doubt that will work
Doesn't work =(.
I doubt HTML will work?
- Shadows.
Try it, lol
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