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Full Version: [Bug?]A problem with buying items, and group premium rates
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I gave myself and many other staff member groups a discounted premium rate. This is fine and good, until you buy something you might want to buy bulk of. The discounted price, after purchase, is multiplied by the group premium rate again.

so, if something is worth 20 units of currency, I would only have to pay 10. When I buy it, it reduces down to 5, and won't let me buy a second one until I refresh the page.
Hmm thanks for reporting the "bug". I will confirm it (or not) within the nex hour
Confirmed, the price is being multiplied again and again.
I'm going to fix this now. You shold not be able to buy the item the 2nd time because myplaza checks if the price you are trying to pay for is lower or higher than the original one
Bug fixed, do you want the updated myplaza_plugin.php ?
I wonder why no one found these bugs in myplaza for 1.2.x --'
Yes, please.
Ok it's attached to this post. Replace your current myplaza_plugin.php with this one
Thank you. I appreciate it. Big Grin