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Full Version: [Public Release] MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.4
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Another MyPlaza Turbo release Tongue

Change log:
  • Fixed the link to the maintenance page(actually was not to the maintenance page) on the side bar in Admin CP that was linking to the categories page.
  • Fixed 3 issues, one in Add Usergroup (Income module(1.0.2): fixed a bug that made income rate to be always an integer value. The same happened to Usergroup premium rate)aa another one in Edit Usergroup(Usergroup premium was always an integer value) and the last one in Add/Edit Forum(Income module(1.0.2): fixed a bug that made income rate to be always an integer value).
  • MyCompany(1.3.0): Restocking has never been easier, employees have a list of the items they made and a restock button right after the item name. (They can also change the item's price. Note that this is the same as creating a new item). Besides this, I fixed a few issues. I created a bridge between this module and the inventory module, you can disable it in MyCompany's settings.
  • Inventory (1.2.0): Fixed a bug that would break(MySQL error when viewing the inventory page) any inventory if the who edited someone's inventory set all items to 0.(If any user of your forum is experiencing this problem, simply edit his inventory again). Added a new feature that allows administrators to set an item as a "PM Item" and below that Yes or No setting, administrators must type the private message that is going to be sent to the user who buys that item Added a bridge between this module and MyCompany module.
  • Lottery (1.0.2): Money was being given to the first user who ran the plaza.
  • Bank (1.0.2): Bank money input box was not showing up on version 1.0.1 running with MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.3 or higher. Bug found by Shadows.

Installation instructions are different so make sure you follow Documentation/install.html.


Remember to check this thread for module updates and for modules which are not included in MyPlaza Turbo's .zip

Before asking any questions, take a look at this thread:

Thank you Smile
TNX! Smile
Downloading and installing... Wink
Thanks for the update Smile

You could stick this topic? Big Grin
Any unstick the old one Smile.
- Shadows.
Thanks updating
I hope everything works fine oh and don't forget to delete the fix_blablalba.php files
I'm not up to date with the 0.2.3 so to upgrade to 0.2.4, do I follow normal instructions?

EDIT: nevermind, I just overwrite everything Tongue
Reading the readme helps ^^
You must upgrade to 0.2.3 and then to 0.2.4
Updated download link.
For those who have 0.2.4 already running:
Re-upload the files from inc/myplaza and inc/plugins/myplaza
Run fix_mycompany.php again (I updated it).
To disable the bridge edit MyCompany's options.
I actually saw the readme, but I didn't understand the steps lol It was easier to install it all over again so.. I just did that, hope I didn't break anything Confused

So I don't know what I lost, but what bridge is that?
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