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plugins are not working

The plugins at me forums are installed successfully also activated but there effects can't be viewed Please help me urgently. Waiting for the help as soon as possible HuhHuhHuh

is there any issue with CHMOD settings please guide.

With which plugin(s) you have problem with?

(11-10-2009, 12:43 AM)Svizy Wrote: With which plugin(s) you have problem with?

Thanks plugin is been installed perfectly but when it is clicked thanks the Spinner pic comes and remains there until I refresh it same happens when I delete it.

Also with social Social Sharing Button that appears on thread post. Doesn't appear

Means the plugin are creating problem plz guide.

Hmm, you should contact the authors of those plugins, this is for general support about MyBB or my plugins, not someone else's plugins as I don't have the knowledge about them.
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