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[myplaza problem] Everything is free!!

Ok thanks Smile I deactivated it, and it wasn't there anymore.

Okay Smile
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@Nervo isn't this the problem CO_ol had? xP.
* Shadows actually thinks he had put this in the faq xD..
- Shadows.
Quote:Usergroup Premium Rate Problems.
- Problem: You had put the premium rate between 0.01 & 0.99 and now suddenly all items are free, and it displays 0.
Answer: This is difficult to explain so please listen carefully, when you change it to between 0.01 & 0.99 it will save, edit it again, and it will show 0, and if you then save, it will save as 0 and all items will be free for that usergroup.[THIS IS FIXED IN 0.2.4 ]
if you edit a user's inventory in 0.2.3 you get a mysql error also.

Actually, I never changed any premium rate. So that couldn't be the problem. And I checked it and is set as normally 1.

ok then it's something else xD.
But did you edit an inventory?
- Shadows.

Not at all, it just got free from nothing. So I deactivated it and lost all my items Sad Anyways, I'm working on it now.

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