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after upgrade to 1.6 with installed 1.4 unable to deactivate them

Sorry I'm tired -- title should be: After upgrade to 1.6 with installed 1.4 plugins unable to deactivate them.

Hey, so I still had myplaza turbo installed, forgot to deactivate it when upgrading =__=" and now whenever i post of course, i get the message he doesn't find the table-- which is for example geekhelp_gh.mybb_MY_TABLE_PREFIXplaza_cat'
So to fix this, i should just remove all "MY_TABLE_PREFIX" from myplaza_install.php and go to the deactivate url, right? I tried that and I still get the error, i think that you put it in the myplaza_install.php the _deactivate function? I'm not sure.

Thing is, it bugs whenever you try to post 'cause it's supposed to update the points at that moment.

Thanks =).

Hi Shadows,
You have at least three options:
1) Use your backup copy and do the upgrade over again (best option)
2) Wait for PN to come back from vacation and have him remind you he doesn't support MyPlaza Turbo anymore. Tongue

3) (!! This method is a bit more radical !! )
Plugins can be completely deactivated by carefully going into the mybb_datacache table.
a) Look for the row called 'plugins'
b) Carefully look at the "pattern", and only remove the code for the one plugin.
c) reduce by 1 the total amount of plugins installed (near the start of the serialized code)
d) Now Mybb will have no reason to include any files related to the deactivated plugin, so you will not get related error messages.

ps. Option #3 WILL work, it's just not the "officially supported" method. Smile
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Thanks seeker Smile. I know he doesn't support it anymore u.u silly me lol but it's a quite annoying situation xD.
I'll try method 3 and if it doesn't work i'll use the backup ^^. I'm too lazy to use the backup again & all xD.

Thanks Smile.
- Shadows.

Thanks it worked Smile. Now i just have to fix the templates that were modified by myplaza and i'm ready to go =).

as far as i know, you no need to deactivate the plugins when upgrading Smile
i also not deactivate them and still able to use them, when i deactivate one of them, it says "this plugin not compatible with 1.6"

yes, but with myplaza it will get you an error while posting, while doing anything that myplaza uses, so it's a no can do Wink. Just so you know.

@seeker, do you have any idea what has to change to make plugins work for 1.6? there's one thing with the table prefix anyway

When ur upgrading to 1.6 you need to uninstall your 1.4 plugins. If you try to install a 1.4 plugin on a 1.6 forum it wont let you unless you change the compatibality.

Change the compatibality of the 1.4 plugins to 1.6 then try to deactivate them.

No, dunlop, it just hides the link to deactivate them Wink but you can still do it, but this plugin doesn't work on 1.6 even if you put it as 1.6 compatible.

i removed myplaza after Nervo said that no future support for the plugin.
now i use NP Smile

well yeah, but if you would have myplaza, then it would bug Wink. I still used myplaza because i love ajax and newpoints barely has any

sure i love myplaza too.. but it has no support available now, that's why i change to NP.

I lost all my items and money Big Grin
but well, i hope NP shop next will more awesome than myplaza.

hmm.. btw, have you try to restore?

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