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[Videotutorial] Add your custom pages in mybb

EDIT: I don't know why if i use the YT tags it doesn't work. Anyway the vid is here:

This tutorial that I made will explain how to add a custom page in your mybb.

The written tutorial: http://community.mybboard.net/showthread.php?tid=6615
The table site: http://allmybb.netsons.org/index.php?page=tab
The tutorial is of: zather1988


ONLY put what is coming after the ?v= between [youtube] and [/youtube ].
*Fixed the first post*

Look at 5:19
It's "As you can see" not "How you can see". Wink
I'm not saying you have to change it, but just so you know. Maybe you make other vids, and then you'll know. Tongue
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Thank you for tuit. great work Smile

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