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MyDownloads 3.0.1 released.
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User Appearence

I would really like to see this plugin make a comeback for the 1.6 system. It's the plugin where users are able to choose a custom font/color their text will be.


But I'd like to see some updates with it including
  • Intergration with NewPoints System (Where they pay forum cash in order to get the certain feature they want)
  • Certain Color Ban for the username color change (as they may use the same color as a mod or admin)
  • Ability to disable some features (For example, I'd like my members to just change the font and color of the text, I don't want them to color their usernames, so if we could have a disable this feature so that it wont show up in the newpoints or in the panel where they edit it)

Thanks you for reading. Smile
[Image: unled4a.png]

This is not a bad idea. The problem is that it requires code edits and that's something I do not like...
Perhaps I should use frostschutz's Patches plugin
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