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Upgrading to 1.6

To Nervo and Andrew,

Is it safe to upgrade our 1.4 to 1.6? Will newpoint and any change works on 1.6? Please let me know.. Smile

I really want to upgrade to 1.6 but affraid to lose many valuable stuff on 1.4 and only stand by default for 1.6 Sad

Any answer appreciated.

from what i heard, to convert from 1.4 to 1.6 all you need to do is edit the plugin php file where it says

return array(
'name' => 'PLUGINNAME',
'description' => 'DESCRIPTION',
'website' => 'mybb-plugins.com',
'author' => 'Pireto Nervo',
'authorsite' => 'author site',
'version' => 'version',
"guid" => "noidealol",
"compatibility" => "1.4" // CHANGE THIS TO * or 1.6

no other server problem or plugin compability after that? if yes, i will do that Smile

thanks card!

hmm i just upgraded, and I didnt need to do anything and everything seems to be working fine =]

just use the upgrade tool and nothing gets removed or changed (but i made a database backup just in case)
i didnt check everything out, but it seems to be perfectly intact

anyone know how to backup database which 500MB more in size?? i'm crazy now thinking about that!
my cpanel couldn't do much Sad

how did it get that big? lol, Mybb Has a built in database backup thing in the tools tab

always freeze and failed -__-"

oh well then try to do only a few tables at a time

thanks card, the only table i've just figured out which 300MB+ is mybb_prostats! that's sucks! i've removed it from my plugins.. useless!

now, my db size from 500MB+ to 111MB only..

wow i was going to install that plugin Big Grin gl with the upgrade =]

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