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[Toys4You] Custom Orders

Ever wanted to have an item that you choose?
Tell us what item you would want to have and we will see if we have it in our huge stock.
Private message me or reply here for a custom order.

Why custom orders?
We want to listen to what our customers say. We want them to be happy with our company.

Is a custom order free?
The custom order will cost you an extra of 10(.)(.). Do not forget you also have to pay for the item. *The 10(.)(.) extra will be included in the item's price*

Our team is not able to find your custom order in our stock?
We will donate you 5(.)(.) to tell you how sorry we are.

I want to prevent that you restock an item i bought ( so you're the only one that has it )
That is possible. For a fee of 500(.)(.) we will not restock an item anymore. Just pm me the item you do not want to be restocked anymore and donate us the boobies, and it'll be done. ( be careful you must give us enough time to tell our employees about it. - if we have not been able to prevent a restock we will donate you 500(.)(.) back.

Want any other specific things?
Just tell us about it, and we'll reply asap!

We guarantee that every single boobie will be used to conquer the MyCompany world.

Thank you,
The Toys4You manager,
[Image: 28ls96h.png]
- Shadows.

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