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[Spanish/Español] MyDownloads 1.4

* MyDownloads plugin (/inc/languages/english/mydownloads.php) - MyDownloads MyPlaza Turbo module development has been abandoned.
* Author: Pirata Nervo
* Translator: Glas
* Copyright: © 2009-2010 Pirata Nervo
* Website: http://www.mybb-plugins.com
* MyDownloads is a module which adds a downloads page to your forum.

* You are NOT authorized to share this plugin with ANYONE without my express permission.
* You MUST NOT give credits (for this plugin. Paretje deserves ALL credits for the game section, it's an amazing plugin) to anyone besides me, Pirata Nervo.
* You MUST NOT remove the license file or any conditions/rules that you may find in the included PHP files.
* The author is NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.
* By downloading/installing this module you agree with the conditions stated above.

$l['mydownloads'] = 'Descargas';
$l['mydownloads_no_categories'] = "No se han encontrado categorias.";
$l['mydownloads_no_sub_categories'] = "No se han encontrado sub categorias.";
$l['mydownloads_categories'] = "Categorias";
$l['mydownloads_select_category'] = "Elige una categoria.";
$l['mydownloads_no_permissions'] = "No tienes permisos para tengo .";
$l['mydownloads_no_cid'] = "Categoria Invalida, Intenta TODO de nuevo.";
$l['mydownloads_no_did'] = "Descarga Invalida, Intenta TODO de nuevo";
$l['mydownloads_no_downloads'] = "No hay descargas todavia.";
$l['mydownloads_download_points'] = "Ez2Coins";
$l['mydownloads_download_price'] = "Precio";
$l['mydownloads_download_name'] = "Nombre";
$l['mydownloads_download_preview'] = "Preview";
$l['mydownloads_download_description'] = "Descripcion";
$l['mydownloads_number_downloads'] = "Descargas";
$l['mydownloads_downloaded'] = "<strong>Veces Descargado:</strong> {1}";
$l['mydownloads_viewed'] = "<br /><strong>Veces visto:</strong> {1}";
$l['mydownloads_purchase'] = "Comprar Descarga";
$l['mydownloads_download'] = "Descargar";
$l['mydownloads_not_enough_money'] = "No tienes suficientes Ez2coins para comprar esta descarga.";
$l['mydownloads_download_purchased'] = "Has comprado satisfactoriamente esta descarga.";
$l['mydownloads_download_purchased_title'] = "Descarga Comprada";
$l['mydownloads_your_money'] = "Tu tienes";
$l['mydownloads_closed'] = "La Zona de descargas esta cerrada.";
$l['mydownloads_downloads_number'] = "{1} descargas";
$l['mydownloads_your_rate'] = "Tu puntaje";
$l['mydownloads_total_rate'] = "Puntaje promedio";
$l['mydownloads_one_star'] = "1 de 5";
$l['mydownloads_two_stars'] = "2 de 5";
$l['mydownloads_three_stars'] = "3 de 5";
$l['mydownloads_four_stars'] = "4 de 5";
$l['mydownloads_five_stars'] = "5 de 5";
$l['mydownloads_download_rate'] = "Calificar";
$l['mydownloads_na'] = "NADA";
$l['mydownloads_download_image'] = "Descargar imagen";
$l['mydownloads_purchase_image'] = "Comprar imagen";
$l['mydownloads_purchase_url'] = "Ver link de descarga";
$l['mydownloads_delete_confirm'] = "Estas seguro de querer borrar este comentario?";
$l['mydownloads_message'] = "Mensaje";
$l['mydownloads_comment'] = "Dejar un comentario";
$l['mydownloads_submit_comment'] = "Enviar";
$l['mydownloads_log_in_register'] = "Para dejar un comentario debes estar logeado.";
$l['mydownloads_download_views'] = "Visitas";
$l['mydownloads_download_comments'] = "Comentario";
$l['mydownloads_download_delete_comment'] = "Borrar";
$l['mydownloads_no_points_set'] = "Gratis";
$l['mydownloads_no_price_set'] = "Gratis";
$l['mydownloads_no_money'] = "Sin dinero";
/*$l['mydownloads_download_creator'] = 'Creador';
$l['mydownloads_download_creator_none'] = 'Sin creador/desarollador';*/
$l['mydownloads_download_submitter'] = 'Subido por';
//$l['mydownloads_creator_desc'] = 'El creador de esta descarga';
$l['mydownloads_submitter_desc'] = 'El usuario que subio esta descarga.';
$l['mydownloads_version'] = 'Version';
$l['mydownloads_license'] = 'Licencia';
$l['mydownloads_by_user'] = '';
$l['mydownloads_by_username'] = 'by <a href="{1}/member.php?action=profile&uid={2}">{3}</a>';
$l['mydownloads_confirm_delete'] = 'Confirma que deseas borrar el comentario.<br /><form action="{1}/mydownloads/comment_download.php" method="post" ">
<input type="hidden" name="my_post_key" value="{2}" />
<input type="hidden" name="cid" value="{3}" />
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="delete_comment" />
<input type="submit" value="Delete" class="button" />

$l['mydownloads_download_comment_deleted'] = "Has borrado el comentario.";
$l['mydownloads_download_comment_deleted_title'] = "Comentario Borrado";

$l['mydownloads_download_commented'] = "Has comentado esta descarga.";
$l['mydownloads_download_commented_title'] = "Descarga comentada";

$l['mydownloads_no_did'] = "The download you have selected is not valid.";
$l['mydownloads_no_permissions'] = "You don't have permissions to access this page.";
$l['mydownloads_no_cid'] = "The category you have selected is not valid.";
$l['mydownloads_no_comid'] = "The comment you have selected is not valid.";
$l['mydownloads_flood_check'] = "Estas comentando muy rapido, por favor espera {1} segundos."; // copied from MyBB Tongue

$l['mydownloads_download_rate'] = "Calificar";
$l['mydownloads_error_invalidrating'] = "You have selected an invalid rating for this download.";
$l['mydownloads_already_rated'] = "Ya calificaste por esta descarga.";

$l['mydownloads_download_rated'] = "Has calificado esta descarga.";
$l['mydownloads_download_rated_title'] = "Descarga calificada";

$l['mydownloads_your_rate'] = "Tu calificacion";
$l['mydownloads_total_rate'] = "Calificacion promedio";

$l['mydownloads_sub_categories'] = 'Sub Categorias';
$l['mydownloads_sub_categories2'] = '{1} Sub Categorias y {2} Descargas';

$l['mydownloads_categories_main'] = 'Pagina principal';

$l['mydownloads_sub_categories_in_cat'] = 'Categorias donde el foro padre es"{1}"';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_in_category'] = 'Enviando descarga en la categoria "{1}"';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download'] = 'Enviar descarga';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_name'] = 'Nombre';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_name_desc'] = 'El nombre de la descarga.';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_description'] = 'Descripcion';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_description_desc'] = 'ingresa una descripcion para esta descarga.';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_points'] = 'Precio';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_points_desc'] = 'Ingresa el precio.';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_points_desc_mp_not_installed'] = '<span style="color: #FF0000;"><strong>.</strong></span>';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_price'] = 'Precio';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_price_desc'] = 'Enter how much money users must pay to download this file - via PayPal';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_points_desc_paypal_disabled'] = '<span style="color: #FF0000;"><strong>PayPal feature is disabled. Leave blank.</strong></span>';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_preview'] = 'Imagen de ejemplo';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_preview_desc'] = 'Imagen de preview';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_download'] = 'Archivo a descargar';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_download_desc'] = 'Select the download file to upload.';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_license'] = 'Licencia';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_license_desc'] = 'Ingresa una licencia para esta descarga, puedes dejarlo en blanco.';

$l['mydownloads_submit_download_version'] = 'Version';
$l['mydownloads_submit_download_version_desc'] = 'Ingresa la version del archivo, deja en blanco si no hay ninguna.';

$l['mydownloads_upload_problem_downloadfile'] = "El siguiente problema ha ocurrido al subir el archivo: ";
$l['mydownloads_upload_problem_previewfile'] = "El siguiente error ha ocurrido al subir la imagen de previsualizacion: ";

$l['mydownloads_no_dl_name'] = "No ingresaste un nombre para la descarga.";
$l['mydownloads_no_download_file'] = "No seleccionaste ningun archivo para descargar.";
$l['mydownloads_no_description'] = "No ingresaste una descripcion.";
$l['mydownloads_no_hidden'] = "Error, reporta en ayuda.";
$l['mydownloads_no_cid'] = "Categoria no valida. reporta en ayuda.";
$l['mydownloads_no_did'] = "The download you have selected is not valid.";

$l['mydownloads_download_successfully_added'] = "Has subido una descarga exitosamente, espera a que el staff la apruebe.";
$l['mydownloads_download_successfully_added_title'] = 'Descarga enviada';

$l['mydownloads_download_successfully_added_auto'] = "Tu descarga ha sido aprovada automaticamente.";
$l['mydownloads_download_successfully_added_title_auto'] = 'Descarga subida y aprovada';

$l['mydownloads_upload_problem_dl_already_exists'] = "ya hay una descarga con este nombre";
$l['mydownloads_upload_problem_pr_already_exists'] = "Ya se ha subido un archivo de preview";

$l['mydownloads_no_version_set'] = 'No has ingresado una version.';
$l['mydownloads_enter_a_comment'] = 'Por favor, ingresa un comentario.';

$l['mydownloads_download_url'] = 'Ver link(s) de descarga';
$l['mydownloads_purchase_url'] = 'Comprar link(s) de descarga';
$l['mydownloads_url_download'] = "El autor de esta descarga eligio ingresar links en vez de subir un archivo.<br />Links de descarga:<br />{1}";
$l['mydownloads_url_download_title'] = "Descargar Archivo";

I know isn't translated at 100% =) but at least it is for forum members

[Image: glas.png]

Thanks Smile
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