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[Spanish/Español] MyAchievements

*   My Achievements plugin (/inc/languages/espanol/MyAchievements.lang.php)
*   Translation by Glas  
*   Author: Pirata Nervo
*   Copyright: © 2009-2010 Pirata Nervo
*   Website: http://www.consoleworld.net
*   Adds an achievements system to MyBB.

* You are NOT authorized to share this plugin with ANYONE without my express permission.
* You MUST NOT give credits to anyone besides me, Pirata Nervo.
* You MUST NOT remove the license file or any conditions/rules that you may find in the included PHP files.
* The author is NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.
* By downloading/installing this plugin you agree with the conditions stated above.

$l['myachievements'] = 'Mis logros';
$l['myachievements_view_all_achievements'] = 'Ver todos los logros';
$l['myachievements_nav'] = 'Navigation';
$l['myachievements_view_rank'] = '<a href="{1}">Ver</a>';

$l['myachievements_posts_achievements'] = 'Logros de Posts';
$l['myachievements_threads_achievements'] = 'Logros de Temas';
$l['myachievements_activity_achievements'] = 'Logros de Actividad';
$l['myachievements_custom_achievements'] = 'Logros Especiales';
$l['myachievements_points_achievements'] = 'Logros de Ez2coins';

$l['myachievements_achievements'] = 'Logros';
$l['myachievements_list'] = 'Lista de Logros';
$l['myachievements_achievements_icon'] = 'Icono';
$l['myachievements_achievements_name'] = 'Nombre';
$l['myachievements_achievements_description'] = 'Descripcion';

$l['myachievements_ranks'] = 'Rangos';
$l['myachievements_rank'] = 'Rango';
$l['myachievements_ranks_list'] = 'Lista de rangos';
$l['myachievements_ranks_icon'] = 'Icono';
$l['myachievements_ranks_name'] = 'Nombre';
$l['myachievements_ranks_description'] = 'Descripcion';
$l['myachievements_ranks_level'] = 'Nivel';
$l['myachievements_none'] = 'Ninguno';

$l['myachievements_no_data'] = 'No se han encontrado datos.';

$l['myachievements_required_achievements'] = '<br />Logros Requeridos:<ul>{1}</ul>';
$l['myachievements_userachievements'] = 'Logros de {1}';
$l['myachievements_userrank'] = '<strong>Rango Actual:</strong> <img src="{1}" /> {2}';
$l['myachievements_topranks'] = 'Top {1}';
$l['myachievements_ranks_username'] = 'Usuario';


[Image: glas.png]

Thanks Smile
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me podrías pasar por pm la traducción en español de la parte de administración, soy muy malo con el ingles.
Gracias de ante mano.

Está bien pero te faltan las tildes y son de mucha pioridad Wink
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