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Solved Message editor messing up

Today I've encountered a problem regarding the message editor. The issue seems to occur only on my custom theme (default MyBB theme seems to work fine) and occurs in Chrome and Firefox (both latest versions), but not in IE9 (I haven't tested other browsers).

Since I want to avoid looking trough the code of my theme for several hours, I've decided to seek for help here. I'm nearly certain that the issue is not in my theme, since none of the edits I've done have anything to do with posting a new thread/reply/PM or editor in general (exception of textarea which is just a few edits of the default CSS code, meaning only colors).

It seems that the two mentioned browsers have the urge to add an additional division (<div>) with some default browser styling (CSS) to the textarea which for some reason takes away the message editor's ability to post the changes to the server (for the post preview and for posting the actual message).

Since I've explained everything in such a complicated matter, I've took two separate images to show the problem.

This is how the message editor looks like in IE9, where the issue doesn't occur:
[Image: ie9.PNG]

This is how the message editor looks like in Chrome (latest version), where issue occurs. It looks exactly the same in Firefox (latest version) as well:
[Image: chrome.PNG]

Nearly forgot; I'm using the latest version of MyBB (1.6.5).
I can confirm that the issue does not occur on MyBB 1.6.4 using the clean installation of the same theme.

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