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[Solved] How to change the point descriptions

I don't like the description wording for Per Referral
"Amount of points received everytime a user is referred. (the referred user is who receives the points)"

I just think that last bit is misleading, because it makes it sound like the person you reffed gets the point, when in reality, you are the one who gets the points...

anyway I tried to edit the file

PHP Code:
newpoints_add_setting('newpoints_income_referral''income''Per Referral''Amount of points received... 

I changed that bit of text but it did not update the description.

Where should I change it?

You should view language file not that

no offense, but please be a little more specific... unless you don't really know and are just throwing out suggestions

which one of the language files has this? because I've looked in a few and could not find it

Oh I'm sorry I misunderstood the question. Now I read it fine. What you have done is right but but but... the templates now are done!

You have to Uninstall and then install it.
if you don't trust me..

You can wait Pirata Nervo to see if there's another way to edit the template

wow I just had my mind blown when you said those files are now gone!
Thank you! It made sense, they were used for the install and now everything is in the back end database.

I modified the back end description, works now, all solved!
Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

I didn't understand if you were sarcastic but yw XD

no I was serious, you did help ;]

Oh so you're welcome xD

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