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Solved How to Install Live site usernames and database on local host?

I had done as following advised on mybb forum but confused.

1. Log into myPhpAdmin on my web server, and exported a copy of my database.

2. Via ftp, copied the entire contents of my public_html/www directory to my computer (this contains all my forum files) into a foler called 'mybb'.

3. Create database, same name as on my web server (database of live forum) (matches /inc/config.php details). Verified contents and everything

4. Create user + password, same as on web server (matches /inc/config.php details).
Its necessary to create user here. 
If yes, than which username to be created? Admin?

if i create user than how all user of my running live forum shown after import live forum database?

5. Copied the 'mybb' folder created in step 2, to C:/wamp/www/

One Question..
Should i go as per given number above means 1-->2--> 3-->4--->5-->

Than localhost//mybb/install.

Please guide.

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