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Solar system planets added (including moon and sun)

Yeah I will probably do it
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buh, everything is already gone >.<

u snooze, you lose ( i don't have a planet either, lol)
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nor do i, im tooo poor to buy one Big Grin

Well i have enough now but theres none in STOCKSad
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Hehe.. You got to buy when it comes! Wink lol
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Pirata Nervo Wrote:IE6 is weird and sucks

now I have to save up for the next addition lol
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lol i judt went and theres nothing to buy lol
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(12-01-2008, 04:11 AM)dBOMB90 Wrote: lol i judt went and theres nothing to buy lol

I know Sad DAY
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hey guess what.

I own Uranus.

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