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Shop to list items like real ecomm website

Hi Developers,

Can we get something like a real shop where we can upload Images of the product and users can buy those products using New points. X amount (price of the product) is deducted from users points and same is added to users profile that He has bought XYZ item using X points on such and such date...This message is visible to users and admins only for records purposes.

And it should be like if user has bought X amount should be deducted. Then an email or pm sent to Admin and admin has to mark that order as completed?

I know there is already a shop plugin but that not exactly user friendly and Graphical interface is not that much advanced.

P.S : I still appreciate the effort behind the development of that Shop plugin. But thats not exactly what I am looking for.


You can use MyDownloads for that. It's for subscribers though

PS. "Then an email or pm sent to Admin and admin has to mark that order as completed?" this is not present in MyDownloads
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