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[Request] Get paid to post (Cash out newpoints money)

Well my idea of this would be if someone wanted to make a get paid to post site, They can set on newpoints how much they get paid and make the currency symbol their contries, Then if they had a plugin like this lets say they set it to 0.01 points per post 0.03 points per topic that would be 1 cent per post and 3 cents per topic, But the deal being on newpoints a plugin where they can request a payout to paypal, Then once admin/owner pays for that they can mark it paid as the plugin would/should have this feature, Then their should be an area for proof of payment etc. I think this would be a great plugin as I will be making my get paid to post forum very soon!

It would make more sense if you just converted fake currency to a real one, with optional minimal withdrawls, percentages, and more. Paying to do individual tasks would be too much of a different script.

Like a special column in user profile which is visible to user mod, admins about the deductions done by the user.

What you can do is to install SHOP system and then create a "x Dollar item" when users buys it you will have to do manual payment to them

[Image: glas.png]

I have seen a few Paid To Posts sites, using the Newpoints system. Good luck, but you might have to do all the payments manually.

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