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[Request]Buy access to groups

hi again...my next request Wink. i wanna module, that will allow users buy access to groups (http://www.forums.consoleworld.net/admin...ser/groups Wink ) thx for understand again Wink and sorry for bad eng...
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
i looking to plaza and i see "Subscribe for "Premium Subscribers" " - that is that, what i want! Wink how is it done?

the link you posted won't work, I don't know you posted it tho.
There are 2 modules which do what you want:
Buy into usergroup - by zinga burga and ported by me to MyPlaza Turbo
Pay to Subscribe based off Buy into usergroup module - made by me

The first one is free.
The second one requires either a premium account or a gold account on the forums for you to download.
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