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MyDownloads 3.0.1 released.
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[Released] Bank System v2.2

Requires NewPoints 1.6 or newer and only MySQL as database

Integrates a Bank System with NewPoints.

This plugin is based on the NewPoints 1.4 Bank System maked by Pirata Nervo and comes with the following features:
  • Let you to deposit your money (points) into a bank and win a rate interest every day;
  • You must pay a fixed fee when you try to deposit or to withdraw money;
  • You can make a bank loan if you need more money;
  • There is a max amount that you can borrow;
  • There is a max amount that you can have into our bank;
  • You can have only one active loan;
  • Not later than 11 days from the date of loan you must pay in full for not being punished by system;
  • If after 7 days from the date of the loan , he is not paid then you will get a PM notification;
  • After 11 days you will get another PM notification and receive a first penalty - you could not post in certain forums (this forums are added into a special setting in Admin CP by the administrator);
  • If either one until after giving 14 days from the date of the loan then you will get another PM notification and now you will not be able to post or view some forums;
  • I added a new javascript function which role is to calculate the minimum amount necessary to carry out a transaction with the bank. (For example: if you want to add money to your bank - 3 points as amount and the charge for new deposits is 10 points, then this function show that the account must have a minimum amount of 13 points)
  • This version has a new setting which enable / disable display of the number of points that a member has in Bank , the points are displayed in his profile;
  • A new setting for showing last loans were added to the page statistics NewPoints!
  • I added an option under which any user who has a loan asset can not make donations! (This is a setting that can be enabled / disabled from the control panel)
    To make this new option possible please make the modifications below:
    1. Open the file newpoints.php from your root forum MyBB!
    2. Then you must search this lines :
    PHP Code:
    elseif ($mybb->input['action'] == 'do_donate')

        if (
    $mybb->settings['newpoints_main_donationsenabled'] != 1)
    and after this lines please add the following code :
    PHP Code:
    if (newpoints_bank_is_installed())
    3.That's all!
    OBS : It`s important to know that you must have Bank System 2.0 or newer to work!

Simply upload the contents of the plugin archive to the root of your MyBB installation.
Then, activate Bank System from the NewPoints Admin section and after this you must configure it (you must acces the settings zone of NewPoints => Bank).

Excuse me but some phrases aren`t in english in this screenshots (but you must know that the language files for this plugin are only in english)

NewPoints License

Based off Pirata Nervo's Bank module (NewPoints 1.4).

  1. Fatal error fixed.
  1. Fixed some bugs.
  2. Fixed some problems on installation.
  3. Fixed bug in giving interest rate correctly for those who have money in the bank.
  4. Adding setting to limit amount of money for a user in the bank.
  5. Now all penalties are stored in MyBB standard cache system and that means more performance.
  6. The heavy work is done now by a task, who run every day.
If you have any questions / suggestions, ask/put them at MyBB-Plugins.

Download is attached to this post.

Attached Files
.zip   Bank System v2.0.zip (Size: 89.5 KB / Downloads: 1,244)
.zip   Bank System v2.1.zip (Size: 90.87 KB / Downloads: 154)
.zip   Bank System v2.2.zip (Size: 91.36 KB / Downloads: 1,219)

Looks great! Thanks for releasing Smile
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looks good thanks!

yayy time to try it out Smile
its pretty good so far, i think it needs more options like. take off ban option or extend loan period, i don't really want to get rid of my members lol. the restrict forum access is good Smile

(09-12-2010, 01:52 PM)Walkman 5.0 Wrote: the other bank system is compatible whitd this?? (or is upgradeable??)
Hi! I don`t understand you! Which other bank system?
This plugin is based on NewPoints 1.4 Bank... But it haves more features...
If you using NewPoints 1.4 or older you must know that this plugin is not working...
I`m not sure if under NewPoints 1.5 this plugin works... If anyone have time to do a test, and want to tell us, I`ll appreciate that!

bank system interest rates doesnt work properly, it increases the money by the interest rates. BUT when you try to withdraw the money it reverts back to the original deposit.

Hi! I don`t understand you exactly...
I`ve maked one test... and no problem...
I`m waiting 24 hours to give interest and then another test...

say i deposit 1million interest rate is 10%, after 24 hours my money in the bank becomes 1.1m, when i withdraw 0.1m. my money in the bank becomes 0.9m

(09-20-2010, 08:44 AM)forspamsake Wrote: say i deposit 1million interest rate is 10%, after 24 hours my money in the bank becomes 1.1m, when i withdraw 0.1m. my money in the bank becomes 0.9m
Can you tell me the value of your widthdraw fee? When you make an widthdraw you have to pay a fee which is taken from your bank...
EDIT: I have no problems... I have in bank 15 points... after 24 hours I get 3% interest rate (0.45 points)... in total , now i have 15.45 points... and after i take from bank 5 points i remain with 10.45...
I found a bug... It doesn`t take fee when you withdraw from bank...

lol thats weird, the fee's works for me but the interest rates doesnt lol. ill ask my other members if it works for them

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