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[Release] MyLife 1.10!

Yes here it is.. Well it already was released but it took me some time to manage get some time free to post here haha.
So just so you know, if I release new modules, be sure to check out talkforstuff.com because that'll be the first place I'll release them.
Like now, it took me some time to be able to post here... Smile.
Anyways, the download link is located at the end of this thread.

MyLife 1.00 Free Edition
(Download is at bottom of the page)
- MyBB 1.4.* with MyPlaza 0.2.5+

MyLife is like a second life for users on the forums. You have health, happiness. If one of both gets to 0 you die. Healthiness & happiness relatively get less by the time you choose in the settings. Users can buy food & fun electronics, ... to boost their happiness & healthiness.

List of features

- Health items that increase health:
--- Toasts
--- Pizza
--- Fries
- Happiness items that increase happiness:
--- Laptop
--- House
--- Car
- Revive item to revive
- Once dead, you get a PM saying your dead ( you can turn off in settings )
- Protected usergroup ( all things will always stay max - turn off by entering NONE in options field )
- Custom MyLife page in MyPlaza telling the user's Happiness/Healthiness/Dead?
- Shows Mood in:
--- PostBit
--- Custom MyLife Page
--- Member Profile
- Shows Health in:
--- PostBit
--- Custom MyLife Page
--- Member Profile
- Shows happiness in:
--- PostBit
--- Custom MyLife Page
--- Member Profile
- Mood is shown with images

//Behind the walls-scripting
- Every X hours ( define X in settings )
- there is X healthiness removed ( define X )
- Formula to remove happiness: happiness = happiness - (100-healthiness)

For more information about who helped me & installation please check the readme!

Thank you,
- Shadows.

[Image: 1133626956.png]

thanks for posting and continuing the development of new modules Smile
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Nice work Shadows. Hope to see more from this. A good suggestion is for u to get to old screenies and add them to the thread or take more.
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Thanks PN & M33.
I will add screens later on, thanks for the advice! Smile.
- Shadows.

I downloaded it too. Smile

Nice work. Good work! Smile

It's pretty awesome, but kinda not worth it because I already have MyRPG...but it's well done, good work.
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Wow, nice!
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I install mylife but in my forum the Happiness and the Healthiness appears in numbers, and i want to this parameters appers in color bars. i see the bars in images/myplaza/mylife but i don't know how to put

You can expect that in next release.
I wasn't able to make this yet haha..
But don't worry, it's on my to-do list Smile.

- Shadows.

I just stumbled upon this module, and I have to say, I think it is awesome.
Great job...looking forward to upcoming releases.
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