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[Release] MyDownloads 1.2.1 - Gold

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MyDownloads 1.2.1

Changes from 1.2.0 Gold to 1.2.1 Gold:
  • Fixed a security issue in downloads (The same one that MyBB has fixed in 1.4.6 in attachment.php)

Changes from 1.1.0 Gold to 1.2.0 Gold:
  • Iif you're editing a download and you choose to upload a new download or preview files and if there is a file with the same name and that file is the old download or preview file, the file is replaced with the new one.
  • Added a feature which allows admins to set the author of a download (the author must be a user from the forum). So whenever the download is purchased, the money is given to the author of the download. The text box has auto-completion.

Changes since 1.0.0 Gold:
  • Admins can change the display order of categories.
  • Downloads can be moved between categories.
  • Added a setting which sets how many comments are displayed per page when viewing a download. (In 1.0.0, 5 comments were displayed per page)
  • Comment download action is now logged.
  • Delete comments action is now logged.
  • [Comes with premium too] When no rating has been given, shows N/A instead of 0.
  • [Comes with premium too] Fixed language typos.
  • [Comes with premium too] Ratings are logged.
  • [Comes with premium too] Fixed a minor bug in a template.
  • [Comes with premium too] Fixed a bug that would generate a MySQL error when deleting a download, this was due to a wrong variable name when deleting ratings which had been made to that download.


This is a downloads manager module for MyPlaza Turbo but it is probably the most complex downloads manager for MyBB 1.4.x (Couldn't find any besides "Downloads Manager" Tongue)

There are 3 versions of this module:
  • Free - basic downloading system *
  • Premium - Basic downloading system + rating system *
  • Gold - Basic downloading system + rating system + views counter + categories have display order + admins can move downloads between categories + commenting system *

*Basic downloading system - Admins can create/edit/delete categories as well as add/edit/delete downloads and view/delete logged actions (only download purchases are logged). Users can browse categories and purchase downloads.

*Rating system - Users can rate downloads. The rating system is based off MyBB's thread rating system.

*Commenting system - Users can comment downloads.

You can allow or disallow guests to browse the downloads page as well as downloading free downloads.

Screenshots and Demo

Here's a live demo at my site of the gold version:

Here are a few screenshots of the gold version too: (there are 3 versions and I didn't take any of the Premium or Free versions but you can guess what it looks like by "removing" the features I've mentioned above)

[Image: browsecat.th.png]
(Browsing a category)

[Image: catsr.th.png]
(Viewing categories list)

[Image: viewdown.th.png]
(Viewing a download)

The screenshots below are from the Admin CP part, the Admin CP is the same for Free, Premium and Gold versions. (I didn't take from every page, just a few to give you an idea of what it looks like)

[Image: acpcats.th.png]
(Viewing categories)

To view the downloads in a category, just click the name of the category to browse it.

[Image: acpcreatecat.th.png]
(Create category)

Take a look at the readme Tongue

Upload the contents of the "Upload" folder to your forum's root.
Go to Admin CP -> MyPlaza Turbo -> Modules -> Activate MyDownloads
Change the options of MyDownloads to your needs.
Chmod the downloads folder and previews folder (check the options of MyDownloads) to 777.

Note that some bugs might still exist, I have fixed all known bugs but there might still be one or two out there, report them please!

Gold version is attached to this post.
.rar Update #1 - bug fix, better readme and included new upgrade files
.rar Update #2 - fixed a problem in the file upgrade_premium110.php

Attached Files
.rar   MyDownloads 1.2.1 - Gold.rar (Size: 363.19 KB / Downloads: 205)
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OMG!! thanks!! I'll install it now Big Grin

Downloaded and it is SUPER! Good work!

Awesome, downloading now.
[Image: eternalwolfsig.php]

Thanks Smile
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Also, Are you planning to release 1.1 already?

Yes in some minutes
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Alright, Cool Smile

Released 1.1.0
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Thanks Pirata, I will upgrade it soon. Smile

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