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Real Forums | Great Community + Custom Theme | $20 Giveaway

Real Forums
What is Real Forums?
Real Forums is a general forum with wide ranges of content from World News to Graphics to Gaming. We have a guest-block system where Guests are able to view all sections except Premium & Bazaar but they may not view anything hyperlinked. This prevents leeching and leaking of download links or resourceful links.

Why Real Forums?
Good question. Simply because it's a general forum, with great potential and great member base to posts. Our goal is to make Real Forums a fun forum with a little over-decision to keep everything stable.

I don't like the theme, can you please change it?
We're currently working on a dark version with a full unique and custom postbit and profile view. After that theme is completed, we will allow our upgraded members to choose light or dark. With our updated theme, all users will be able to change the colors from Blue to Green to Red and so on.

What kind of plugins do you have?
We choose plugins that won't slow the forum down but increase features throughout the forum. We have Awards, RealPoints, Like System(Coming Soon!), Alerts System, and security additions. We also have Username History, View Reported Posts, and Post Activity.

How secure is the forum and server?
Can't say too much without giving out hints of what we've done but we are secure and no breaches have happened for 5 months now.

  • Custom Theme
  • Custom Plugins
  • Great Member & Staff Team
  • Wide range of forums
  • Theme Color Changer
  • 2 Premium Upgrade Groups
  • Active contests & giveaways
  • Points System (Semi-Monetary Value)
  • Fully Custom, Unique Like System (Coming Soon!)
  • Portal System (Updates and Forum Status[If Offline or Online])
  • RealPoints(RP) Shop - Get your own awards, buy add-ons for your profile or threads and such!
  • Alerts System
  • Security Additions
    • IP History Logged - View up to 5 recent IPs user has logged in with
    • Session Tracker - If 2 diff. computers logged in at once, it notifies both parties(Helps with tracking hacked accounts)
    • And More...
  • PM Conversation - View all your PMs from both parties all at once

iHydra, Real Forums Owner

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