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[REQUEST] New Topic Cost Money

Hi there...

Can someone create a module that new thread in specific forum cost money?

Thank you very much...

Try this:
ACP->MyPlaza Turbo Tab->Modules->Income Module Options->Set "Money Per Thread" to -10
This will (maybe) set MyPlaza to remove an amount of 10 from a user to make a topic. Wink

[info][Tested, and it worked, but you also need to remove the money you get per character etc.][/info]
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Pirata Nervo Wrote:IE6 is weird and sucks

Yes this will work.
But! You can do it by setting a different income rate for the forum you want. Set it for example to -1 (edit forum, then change income rate), this will remove the money from that user (character number, thread money, etc)
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Hi there...

Thanks for the answers...

The tip from you guys works fine, but what I need is from Pirata Nervo...


Yeah it's more logic to change for forums like: Junk forum: post funny random things: Income 0
For that can be useful Wink

But to always cost per post lol it's like you want them to post
and it can be boring for them to post so if they should get money to post lmao xP.
- Shadows.

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