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I own a forum that supports the black market for a certain game. (Trading accounts, items, services, gold, etc)

It would be my DREAM to have a plugin where users can open up their own type of shop and offer things for NewPoints in exchange. For example, a member creates a thread saying what they have to offer, from there - a user can click a link in their postbit like "My Store" or "My Shop" and it'll be a dynamic page for each user to display what they're offering. The user wanting to buy something can then click on "Buy" or something similar and the seller will be granted that amount and the buyer deducted that amouint.

The user can create categories and under each category they can add products to it.

Why do I want this? It will create an environment where scamming won't be as harsh. These points will be on a 1:1 ratio of real money, and can be cashed out. (Theory still in testing, but with some rules and tweaks it will work). Users will feel safer to use the forum to conduct business knowing if they are scammed these points can be re deducted from the scammer and placed back to the account of the victim.

Would this ever be considered?

I definitely do not have time to make something like this right now.
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It sounds like another store, except totally open-ended in the sense that USERS could create their own, thus I could see why it would take a long time.

Indeed. Very much.

his would make a GREAT plugin that would really enhance MyBB

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