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Pay referrer not referral?

I saw a thread about this already but the code seems to have changed since then. These are the instructions from the thread I saw:
PHP Code:
newpoints_addpoints(trim($mybb->input['referrername']), $mybb->settings['newpoints_income_referral'], 1, 1, true);

Replace that with:
PHP Code:
newpoints_addpoints($mybb->user['uid'], $mybb->settings['newpoints_income_referral']);

That, in file hooks.php

This is what I find when I look in the file:
Quote:newpoints_addpoints($user['uid'], $mybb->settings['newpoints_income_referral'], 1, $grouprules['rate']);
[Image: EcL1n.png]

The other line should still be there though IIRC
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