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Obfucating link

Hey there

So I want to run my files but my host offers very little space, so now instead i'll use some file sharing site to store my files and want to include them and when url is include I want to hide it via like

myforum.com/download.php?=random_string (can be base64 or something).

The reason for this is that when people include their PDF files, they will think it's a direct link from forum but not uploaded on third party hosting.

I know how to develop a plugin via misc.php, but I need some advice on how to achieve this. (I know it might require headers and DOM?)

Something likeĀ 'href', 'download.php?url=' . base64_encode(encoded_url_here) should give output like: myforums.com/download.php?url=base64 from lets say www.openload.com or mega or something.

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